Struggling with cash flow?

Don't let cash flow challenges stand in the way of your  wealth.


Facing today's financial landscape

It feels like a lot, right? Everyday, we hear from folks who tell us all about...

Their rising costs...

Coupled with a static income...

Leading to more and more anxiety

But the biggest hurdle we hear people face?

It's not just about money.

It's that they don’t have access to free expertise on how to conquer their financial challenges.


Maximize Your Money: Complimentary Cashflow Analysis

We firmly believe that everyone deserves the tools, support and knowledge to confidently steer their financial journey.


What you'll get


15-minute financial audit

Provide us with a brief overview of your financial situation. Let's see where the gaps are and how we can fill them.


We'll guide your path forward

We examine your current mortgage, personal debts, and car loans. Our goal? Reduce your outgoings and boost your incoming cash.


Achieve confidence and sweet relief

Secure a better cash flow balance, reduce stress, and plan for a brighter financial future.

How we've helped others secure their futures

Our family recently utilized Alex and his team to sort through what another broker could not make happen. His team has a system that works, they communicate well, they were super transparent and made the process as painless as possible. So grateful that our realtor suggested him to us!

- Andria Popovici

Alex and Matt made the mortgage approval process efficient and easy to understand. We were working under a tight deadline and Alex met the challenge handily. We recommend Alex and his team to anyone looking for a friendly, expert mortgage experience. - Karin & Ryan

- Karin E

Alex and his team did an amazing job supporting us throughout the process! From the initial meeting to the final purchase, they were willing to help and provide their knowledge and expertise. I look forward to working with him and his team again.

- Ana Berbec

Quick note from Alex

When I created Flow Mortgage Co., I had a simple, but powerful vision: help people like you get a better handle on their financial situations.

I know how tricky it can be to navigate mortgages, car loans, and personal debts. You don’t have to figure it out alone! In just 15 minutes, we can offer you a comprehensive financial audit.

Our primary goal? Making sure that what’s going in your wallet is higher than what’s coming out of it. Let's make sure you're in the best financial position possible. I look forward to meeting you!

Alex McFadyen, Founder and Mortgage Advisor, Flow Mortgage Co.